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is their a way to give money for this amazing game?




I just finished and oh my god my heart. I feel so bad but happy cause I got ending #2 (no spoilers) and this is such a good game thank you for making it.

Does anyone know how to save the game?
Alguien sabe cómo guardar la partida? :( 

Sorry if this is really late but its the bears you see occasionally through levels

Really good game. I enjoy that I can play it over and over at different times and notice new things that I didn't notice before.

i have one question does this game will be  translate in spanish


Yup ! The tittle screen is  in english, but the game is in spanish, i tested it.

Great game, the only thing I didn't like about it was that the horror elements did not feel consistant enough in the second half of the game. (I got ending #3)

Thank you! That was actually a intentional chose to have less horror in the middle part, since in the story you're not alone in that part, but I understand that it might be a bit off :) But thank you for your critique!


Do you give me permission to translate it to portuguese?

I love this game so much, i felt so relate to her, especially the part that she only talk to someone on the market :') and the way that the history goes is like a wonderful trip <3

quando traduzir me manda o arquivo kkk to querendo fazer uma serie pro meu canal mas preguica de botar legenda

claro se ela me der permissão um dia eu começo a traduzir mas ela não me responde aaaaaa

Sorry, somehow I completely missed your first comments! oAo' Unfortunately there already is someone working on a portuguese translation.. Thank you for your interest though!

It looks like a rlly good game, could someone tell me the average gameplay time?

Couple of hours :) Fastest beat it in less than 1 hour, but most I've seen have been 2-3.

I'm liking this game so far, at first I thought this was going to be another one-shot for me, but it has been a really interesting game keep up the good work! The link that I have in the description has part 1 of y let's play

Excellent little game, some terrifically done scenes and the story was really nice. I liked the characters and the art for them was great. Nice job all round!


A great game. it was interesting, i fell in love with the characters and felt like i could connect to them great concept, love everything about it! 27/27 kawaii potatos <-- thats really good :P

I loved it it was so interesting... keep it up :)

I loved the game! It started out feeling a bit creepy, but it turns out to be so interesting with the story and exactly what is going on. This is my playlist to my series on it, and I absolutely loved it all.

Absolutely amazing! Thank you so much, I really enjoyed it. <3

This game was absolutely amazing... I hope i can find more games even remotely as fun as this one...

This game was beyond cute!!! I loved playing it so much.

You can see my entire review on my blog:

Still working on the series, but so far pretty good! Got me a few times.

Really good game :)

I've played while streaming game's stuff and fell in love with your game :p

At first it was a bit hard for me to understand the puzzles but they're good :)

Really, I recommand that game !

I'll try to find all the endings now :)

I'm still playing this game but, really... THIS GAME IS SO GOOD! The atmosphere of loneliness is a thing that I enjoyed too, and... I liked it too because I look very much like Hailey, alone, no friends and those things... So, I liked your game so much, really, thanks for creating this! :)

I really enjoyed this game, and I'm not one for horror. The suspense and atmosphere are really well done. Hailey is a girl I can relate to.

I talk more in depth about this game in my blog entry here:

I haven't even started it, but I saw the trailer and screenshots and it looks amazing!

I would be her friend, ;) wink,wink, nudge, nudge...

Hey! Would you mind if I wrote a little book or short story based off your game?

Hi! As long as it's not a commercial product, I'm fine with it :)

Thank you!

My name is Hailey c:

is this a virus becuase my friend said she downloaded this and her virus protector said she had a virus after so she uninstalled it

No, it's not. Sometime virus protectors get false positives on rpg maker .exe files and flag them as virus or malware, my security scan does that too.

oh ok thanks

love it!


This game is insanely well made, filled with likeable characters, and has a great story. This may be my new favorite game.

this might be on my youtube channel!


I was searching the horror or fun games to play for yt and i ended up finding yours! I watched your tralier and looked at your screenshots and was like "IM GETTING THIS" and i have to say this looks so amazing so shout out to YOU!!


Hi, I've just started to play your game and I love it so far! The atmosphere is just great! I am so curious what's going to happen next! x)

I've started a let's play series, you can find it here x)