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I was in the file of the game and found some file that look like another game can you explain this and tell me the name of the game

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I have a friend. One and only friend. At some point I felt too depressed and didn’t communicate with him for months. Thankfully, my mom urged me to restore communcation with him, in order to keep our friendship going. Then I remembered phrase from your game, “you had friends, you just didn’t keep them”. And it additionally motivated me to stop my self-isolation and communicate with him again. Thank you for that sad lesson that your game taught me!

Also, the image and the music in the main menu of the game are very atmospheric and resonate with me. I was lonely as a child and even as a teenager. Just being in the main menu makes me cry a little.

This game was really enjoyable! I liked the ending message and a part of me could definitely relate to how sad it is to grow apart from old friends.  The puzzles weren't too easy or too hard, and I enjoyed some of the symbolism portrayed throughout the game. Keep up the good work! :)

I put this game on my video about 10 Best RPG Maker Games on JoiPlay Emulator If you don't know what JoiPlay is, JoiPlay is a Emulator to play RPG Maker games on Android

Im sure is all great but i chose to play it at 2am and i want to vomit. Im terrified. Those creeps in the tv killed me and I dont have the skill to try the solutions i have in mind.  

how do I get past the doll with the hat????? I'm so confused

get out of the room shes in, the doll will snap in half and then you'll be able to get the hat

as i said i love this game BUT in my recent runs i never know where to find a key to the safe that has like a drawing in it or smthing in the school level


Does anyone know what to do when you get the sledge hammer because i've been stuck for 10 minutes without knowing what to do with it :((( pls help

Have you checked the tv now that you have the hammer? : )

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Despite Hailey looking like Max from Life is Strange, this game is genuinely something so worth people's times to play. It has a very simple, but such a wonderfully great execution. Moments that're genuinely unnerving, and sending actual chills down my spine. Been awhile since I've experienced that. Despite some instructions either being vague and making it slightly difficult to advance in some areas. It doesn't take too, too long if you take a bit of time to think about it.

I may have encountered one or two glitches when playing, but that was most likely caused by me rushing through the game rather than something actually wrong with the game itself. Seeing as normally you wouldn't be doing what I was doing.

I would recommend this to anyone who is new to the RPG Maker Horror games as a great starting off point. And if you're a veteran of the genre, still would highly recommend if you never played it. Only real criticism is some audio balancing issues. Other than that, pretty damn good if I do say so myself.


literaly i cried at the end, i totally recommend it


this game is so cool

i love it so much 10/10

I played this some time ago with my sister PaoGun

It was really cute, I (Ele) really like the art and the game had, for me, a simple "internal" plot that I liked, since I love more "internal" plots personally, I don't know if I explain myself lmao

But... Great work :D

-Ele, Ludi Tarantula team

this seems like a really good game i was like "i cant wait to play it!" and also sad for this girl that she has no friends :(

How do i get this fullscreen ?


Launch the game, press F1, click "Launch full screen," exit the game, and relaunch it

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The last line Oliver said in ending 3 ("I'll... wait...") was really sad :'( 

It gets more sad because I remember Oliver just an imaginary friend of Hailey's imagination. This game is scary yet sad and heart-warming at the same time :(

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man that last part was out of NOWHERE lmao

nvm u edited it


I absolutely loved this game! It was very sweet, i got ending #3 and im working on getting the others. Massive props and thanks to you for creating such an amazing atmosphere and overall game! :)

Ahhh, brings up good memories of me own childhood!

Your game was heartwarming  yet sad  <3 and while I was playing I questioned myself  if little me had a imaginary friends before?  I really don't remember ....   but I wonder if do you remember your Imaginary friend and how she/he looked like :) 

Is this safe to download? I want to play it, but I don't want to risk anything


Yeah! Its safe, ive downloaded countless games from this website and none of them have let me down!


its safe


Hello I'm a really big fan of your game and legit it's up in my top te  of all times because of the way it made me feel. I was hoping I could get your permission to maybe make a fan game.

idk if its a bug but the dog in the doll house always gets me when i go to the door and there is like 1m between us or do i need to do shomthingelse more diffrent pls tell me 

You need to have found the bone to give him before entering the garden.


does it have jumpscares? 

Nope, no jumpscares with the ending that I got. But it does get a little creepy at some points.

Had to pop in and tell you how much I enjoyed your game! Got endings #3 and 4. Working on #1 (had to check your devblog though as I never would have guessed that was something you needed to do to get that ending!) Great job!


The first time I played this game, I missed the happy ending because I didn't think of taking a candy in the bowl when I was invisible so I missed one key to open the safe. :-3

I read the walkthrough after I finished the game and I basically had to restart the game for A CANDY because I had actually done everything else required already, I just didn't care enough for a candy in a bowl! *face palm*

Once I was done with this game, I felt it was more a prototype than a full game, it was too short, to quick to be done with, not enough content for me to consider it a full game, which I think is a shame because it has potential...

Would you be interested in doing an RPG Maker MV version together?

this game is really good and i really like it even though im not as big a fan of horror so great job and i cant get past getting out the room the get the stuff away from monster boi TT~TT but still great job

Which room?

like after the tree when you leave and go to the house, i cant get past the monster in the hallway

Oh, you meant the monsters from the TV! That's easy, really, grab the crayon inside the TV then get out and run upstairs in the room which is now open. Then go the window to think that you might escape from here if you had a rope. So get out of the room and hurry to the attic door on the other side. Pick up the rope from the floor then you know what to do next, there is no more danger for now. ;-)

By the way, you do know to hold Shift to run, right?

Oh my god....all this time i thought i had to walk TwT thanks for the help

The game explains the controls at the start, did you not pay attention?

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Hi there! I'm a huge fan of this game, and I've been playing it for the last 2 years. Do you know if this is available to play on Mac using WineBottler? Thank you once again, and I look forward to more of your works!

(EDIT: Forgot to clarify something: I've been using a Windows laptop when I was playing this, but I had to switch it out with a Mac ^^;; so sorry for the confusion!)


hey, i tried downloading the RTP version and the nonRTP version, then downloading the RTG VX Ace, but the game window will not let me click on anything (by that i mean "new game" and "quit"), even though i followed all instructions from both sites. any suggestions?

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By clicking did you mean clicking with a mouse? The game doesn't use mouse at all, you have to use keyboard. Otherwise I'm not sure what is causing the issue... It's not aabout the RTP, if that didn't work, you wouldn't be able to open the game at all.

oof i am NOT an experienced computer user but it's all good and cool so thank you for helping me realize the problem sorry to bother you lol


its so amazing i love it!!!!!


I have gotten through three chapters so far and can't wait to get to the last part. I need to find Oliver!

two years ago

how was it after finding ollie?

Here's the whole thing. I remember enjoying the game, even if I don't sound like it.

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Hello. I have decided to play this game on my channel! So far it has been a wonderful horror experience and I can not wait to see what else it has in store!


problem: mine won't download


I always thought this game was gonna be bad BUT BOI WAS I WRONG THIS GAME IS STUNNING AND AMAZINGGGG 


I played this game it was absolutely amazin


THIS IS SUCH A GOOD GAME and honestly I didn't know there was multiple endings but my ending had a god moral but I wished I knew what all the endings had other then that the art and creativity was amazing I'm happy I found this game


This game was so amazing yet beautiful ! I loved the atmosphere, the graphics, music, characters, EVERYTHING! I've got the ending 3 and that's my fav number ! Coincidence? I don't think so ! Thank you for creating this amazing game !


I finished it and got ending 3! This is so well made I love it.. I got addicted because there was always more to come!! I loved this thank you for making it!


Amazing game! I loved it!


is their a way to give money for this amazing game?








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