A downloadable game for Windows

"George boards the last train of the day. It leaves at midnight, and the destination: Nowhere..."

The Midnight Train to Nowhere is a short adventure game about life and good night sleep. The game was created for Indie Game Maker Contest 2017 in a span of one month. 


15/1/2018 - 1.1 release: bug fixes.

Install instructions

Simply extract the .zip file and click the "Game" .exe to launch the game. Send me a message if you have any trouble downloading or launching the game.


The Midnight Train to Nowhere 1.1.zip 386 MB


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"z" is the button to interact with things...I took sometime to figure it out...couldn't see the controls anywhere...

It's the default 'Interact' button on RPG Maker games.


This game makes me want to write a fantasy novel about a train that only shows up at night and its just full of mythological creatures. Ya know?


I'd read that :D




I really loved this little adventure, and I wrote about it in my blog here: http://pajamagaming.blogspot.com/2017/12/finding-closure-midnight-train-to.html

I look forward to your future projects!


Thank you for the article! :) It was a really nice read!

i    love all your games:)

Featured in my mini series (timestamped)


I enjoyed this a lot ^^ I have to ask though...was the title of this game a reference to Journey's "Don't Stop Believing?" Because I totally got that vibe throughout the game lol

The story was great, the music was chill, and it touched on a deep subject. T'was a good'un in my book ^^

I also covered it for my channel. I hope it helps, and that I don't make anyone's ears bleed from the musical fun I had with it XD 

I thought the same thing, regarding the Journey song! Haha.


Haha actually it's not an intentional reference to that song :'D I came up with the title randomly when I was thinking fake book names for my previous game. And when I googled it to see if it is used somewhere, of course google suggested that song too, so I thought it can also be reference to that. I guess that song was somewhere in back in my mind.

But thank you for playing and sharing you let's play! I laughed so hard to that missed Space Oddity reference song xD


please don't watch if you haven't play it yet also there's a message for everyone . 

Just wanna say thank you for the game and for everyone checking out my video :)

And thank you for making and sharing the video! :)

very good, entertaining short game


Thank you! o/

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Just a wee aside, meant to say it last night. Think the game would really lend itself to a speed run, kinda thing. I'm not clever enough to know how it works, so It might not even be possible.

Link is not working.

Weird, it should be working. What happens when you try to download it?

Ah, my bad, I did download it,
I was having some troubles with my net

Ok good to hear! Enjoy the game :)


Porque esto puta juego no sibre


I enjoying it thank you. 


Hi. My name is Mel. I was wondering if I could translate your game into Spanish. If it doesn't bother you, of course. 

PD: Great job with this game, i love it <3

Hi Mel! Yeah, you could translate the game, but I wanna wait until the contest is over, so I know what I'm going to do with this game :) So let's see then.

Okey, thanks for answer! :D

Good Luck, <3


This was very cute and introspective! I loved the animations and the character designs! I really liked how some of the passengers would give you hints as to what to do next if you ever got stuck. 

I also really liked the message at the end, of not really knowing where you're going with your life but finding beauty in that. Sometimes it's hard when friends' lives diverge from your own, and it feels so daunting to try to keep going and recreate what you're losing, but it's something everyone goes through and there's comfort in that, knowing that you're not alone. 

Thank you for this lovely game~!

Thank you for sweet comment! Happy to hear you liked it :3


The Music is very nice :P